Saturday, March 7, 2009


Here we are with all the appointments done we have

Name Post
Ravi Punj President
Aditya Chitral Vice President
Shubham Bhatia Secretary
Anirudh Garg Programming Head
Kavneet Rekhi Multimedia Head
Akul Sareen Quizzing Head

W all know we have a big job ahead . The site is under construction and soon we are going to move there. April awaits a new season for CORE.

I hope all CORE members shall be regular to the Forum as soon as the website is functional. Its important for the members to check the website everyday for regular updates.

All other things when the site is functional which i think will be within a fortnight.

We again thank the Alumini for thier constant support, and we hope u do be regular with CORE as always.

Thank You
Aditya Chitral
(Vice President)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

CORE 09 : The next generation

2008 is over.
And sadly, CORE didn't perform in various symposiums as it did in 2007.
But getting officiated and conducting our own inter-school symposium was a great milestone for CORE.

2009 is coming, and this year we have to make sure that our main focus is higher and greater than performing well and conducting a great symposium.
We have to pave way for the coming batches.

We have to make sure that 10 years down the line, each and every school across the city fears and respects DPS Dwarka as a competitor in the field of computers, as it does today.

We have to make sure that its "not I, but us." We have to realize that the most effective way to establish a stronghold in the inter-school circuit is to be consistent. The most well known schools across the city are known not because of their programmers, or quizzers, or gamers, or multimedia experts. These people just come and go.
These schools are known because they have repeatedly produced programmers, quizzers, gamers and multimedia experts of a great class, who over the period of time have strengthened their school and their club's reputation.

CORE is a very fortunate club. Over 4-5 batches, it has had many HIGHLY devoted members who have undoubtedly put CORE ahead of many things in life. In fact I believe that CORE should actually stand for CORE Obsessed Radical Enthusiasts.
We are fortunate that by the time CORE was actually officially launched, it was already a well known name across the inter-school circuit.

Now we have to take the next step. We have to become far-sighted. We have to ensure that CORE doesn't become a club that runs because only a few highly talented people, but a club that produces more and more of such talent non-stop.
In other words, CORE shouldn't come out of talent; talent should come out of CORE.
A club running because of some talent can not last for long.
All of us have to leave this school one day.
But before we go, we have to make sure that the fear of CORE and respect for CORE never dies.

Please start giving in your suggestions. We have to start as early as possible in the upcoming session.

I am reinstating some points that some of the members of CORE have already put forward

  • We should conduct an intra-school level event(most probably in May), in which we can select really deserving people in an unbiased way. We shouldn't recruit more than 10 people, but at the same time we shoul give preference to juniors. We should definitely get 1-2 students from classes 6-8th, because the earlier they start getting exposure, the better it is. And our focus should also be on going to be class 10th and class 11th, as even though they are the future of the club, we don't have enough members from those batches.
  • Before conductin this intra-school event, we should conduct seminars and workshops in various fields of computers to tell students more deeply what computer science and what CORE is about.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Well the core part I finished.And very well done. We have various things to discuss for the next year and its better to be prepared for it.In the coming 3 months we have nothing more to do.Our season shall begin in April

-First of all presently we have 10 CORE members(excluding the present 12th people)and i think we should keep it till 20 only,not mre than that.I think our recruiting should start in the month of April and May.Kind of having an Intra school symposioum thing,consisting of various events. i think we have to keep it open.

We have to do it as soon as possible coz events start in the month of July.

-Next more importantly, about the posts...
We gonna have -3 main posts
1)President XII
2)Vice President XII
3)Secretary XI - Other posts
1)Programming Head IX Above
2)Quizzing Head IX Above
3)Multimedia Head IX Above

hmm Only CORE members can apply to this post.

I begin with it
Aditya Chitral-I apply for the post of Vice President

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank You

After a long time,and for good the year has come to an end.Atleast i agree to it.CORE achieved a lot this year,first of all Congrats to everyone for our first event which was quite good. On behalf of present CORE i would like to thank Shitij Nigam,Ankit Buti,Doyen Sahoo,Sudarshan , Nipun , Tejas ,JyotiAditya ,Nishit Sharma,Abhinav Batra, Pavitra Bhalla ,Sidhant Khanna ,Anant Vijay Maria,Ekaansh Malik(Sorry if i missed neone else) for bringing the group of wiz kids together and forming the club .

As we bid farewell to our
President-Rachit Bhatnagar
Vice President-Rupin Kumar
Programmer-Akhil Lochab (Head Boy)
Programmer-Malay Keshav
Multimedia head-Shrey Malhotra

we end the chapter 'CORE 08' and thank them for what they have done for CORE.

I think its time that CORE expands even mre , and become a unit than a group.
Be a little more professional and ofcourse transparent.

Thanking you

P.S I have big things in my next post

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Access 2008 Results

Access 2008 results

Access 2008 held on 16th and 17th December 2008 at Modern School, Barakhamba Road has concluded

It was overall a good event....... which was quite a bit mismanaged........ and the prizes were not as good as last year's......... But Still....... Here are the results :

Senior Programming : 2nd Position

Ravi Punj
Anirudh Garg

Junior Quiz : 1st Position

Sopandev Tewari
Shashank Bhardwaj

That winds up this year's computer symposiums ........CORE was quite successful this year........

Lets dream BIGGER for the years to come by :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Change the layout to white for now. Black looks shockingly vague for some reason. Unless someone else differ's.

Access 08 -Bits n Bytes

The confirmed teams are -

Multimedia Presentation-

Sub Junior Quiz

Audio Editing
1.Sopandev Tewari
2.Arpit Toteja

Web Designing

Senior Quiz -1

1.Aditya Chitral
2.Ravi Punj

Senior Quiz-2
1.Akul Sareen
2.Kavneet Singh

Senior Quiz-3
1.Vardaan Sharma
2.Aditya Aggarwal

Junior Quiz-1
1.Sopandev Tewari
2.Daksh Sharma

Junior Quiz-2

1.Shashank Bhardwaj
2.Mr. Kundu (I am really sorry, I can't recall the first name)

Senior Programming-1
1.Anirudh Garg
2.Ravi Punj

Senior Programming-2
1.Sidharth Batra
2.Abhishek Kapahi

Story Writing
1.Abhinav Menon

Video Editing
1.Kavneet Singh Rekhi
2.Akul Sareen

Group Discussion-
1.Aditya Chitral

1.Anish Sareen

Cadet Quiz-1
1.Abhay Baiju
2.Anubhav Baweja

Cadet Quiz-2
1.Paarth Purdhani
2.Sanya Taneja

Fancy Dress-1
1.Niharika Arora

Fancy Dress-2
1.Saiansh Raizada

1.Rohan Kumar
2.Avi Wahjat

Please update the second member of Junior Quiz team 2